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The Original Laminated GPS / Loran-C Fishing & Diving Chart

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Thank you for your interest in our charts.

We originated the laminated fishing chart in Loran-C in 1981 and now publish them in both Loran-C and GPS. Due to the termination of Loran-C service in 2010, later revisions are being published in GPS format only, but we will try to keep available for the near future charts in both Loran-C and GPS format. 

Initially, we wrote on them with a grease pencil, hence the name “Grease Chart.”

We publish with our special, copyrighted front-to-back location information index.

  • Write on it – wipe it off!
  • Waterproof, except when gaffed!
  • Puts you on the spot!

Currently Available Charts:
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OFFSHORE CHARTS are approximately 20”x24” and extend 50+ miles offshore:
AC 001: Cape Lookout to Cape Fear (Big Rock Chart) - both GPS and LORAN
AC 001: Cape Lookout to Cape Fear (Big Rock Chart) - GPS only
AC 002: Cape Fear to Cape Romain - GPS/LORAN
AC 004: Charleston newly revised and available - GPS only
AC 006: Hatteras-Oregon Inlet - GPS/LORAN
AC 007: Virginia-Cape May - GPS/LORAN

NEAR SHORE / INSHORE CHARTS are approximately 11”x17” (placemat size, except AC 003 and AC 005) and extend 20+ miles offshore:
AC 001-A: New River-Swansboro-Beaufort Inlet-Cape Lookout Eastward to 14 Buoy; Northward to Drum Inlet - GPS/LORAN
AC 001-B: Swansboro-New River-Topsail-Cape Fear - GPS/LORAN
AC 002-A: Long Bay-Cape Fear, Lockwood’s, Shallote, Little River, Murrells Inlet - GPS/LORAN
AC 003: Beaufort Inlet, Shackelford Banks, Back Sound & Cape Lookout on front; Newport River and
              North River Marshes and Cape Lookout enlargement on reverse side (16"x22") - GPS only  -AC003 Temporarily Unavailable-
AC 005: Pamlico Sound-Ocracoke, E-W from Oriental/Neuse River Light to Ocracoke;
              N-S from Swanquarter Bay to Cedar Island (21”x 24”) - GPS/LORAN

Pricing Information:

Offshore (Large) Charts: $19.95 + $1.35 sales tax (NC Residents Only) = $21.30
Near Shore/Inshore (Smaller) Charts: $14.95 + $1.01 sales tax (NC Residents Only) = $15.96
Flat Rate Shipping: $6.75

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About us: We conceived and originated the first laminated Loran-C fishing/diving chart in 1981 with the Mobile Bay-Pensacola "Grease Chart," followed by other Gulf Coast, South Florida and Mid-Atlantic charts, the latter of which began with the Cape Lookout-Cape Hatteras Chart (AC001), introduced at the 1983 Big Rock Marlin Tournament. Ours was the one and only such chart for a time. We are complimented that our idea has since been copied by others.  More recently, we have produced our charts in combined Loran-C and GPS formats. With the government's termination of Loran-C service, future revisions will be published in GPS format only.

Why do we call it a "Grease Chart"? In the summer of 1980, our President and chart maker attempted to draw a course line on a chart aboard his boat at Gulf Shores, Alabama and watched the ink disperse into a blue cloud in the damp paper. That afternoon, when he pulled out his laminated Alabama driver’s license to cash a check, the light bulb went on: laminate the chart and write on it with a grease pencil! Today, we use "permanent" marking pens (they don’t melt) and clean it off with fingernail polish remover (won’t etch the laminate, also good for removing creosote and grease from rub rails). Plan your trip- circle your spots- write down your private numbers- make notes while talking & fishing- wipe it off when you get in: on your Grease Chart!

Features: The Grease Chart shows you where to go and how to get there! A unique feature of the Grease Chart is our copyrighted key-numbered index to location information on the reverse side, including Loran-C and GPS coordinates, depths, headings: where to go and how to get there! We have amassed and update regularly a huge database of wrecks, reefs, rocks, ledges, holes, canyons, sea mounts, etc., from commercial/professional fishermen, private fishermen, government publications and our own, on-the-spot-lines-in-the-water observations and readings. Information from Artificial Reef Associations, State-sponsored artificial reef programs, Marine Fisheries, Sea Grant and other organizations of all published States has been incorporated and extremely helpful. With the government's termination of Loran-C service, future revisions will be published in GPS format only. However, for the convenience of our customers, we will try to keep available for the near future charts in both Loran-C and GPS format.

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